iPASSIVE Sets Industry Alight

When it comes to passive fire protection products, the proof is in how they perform under fire. That’s exactly what iPASSIVE did at the Fire Safety Industry Expo, held this September in Tauranga.

Feedback from participants was that they loved being able to see the product in these conditions, as it provides the ultimate proof in passive fire protection.

iPASSIVE realise that when it comes to fire safety, you don’t get a second chance, and so all products are thoroughly tested. You can request test reports from any page on our website – just scroll to the bottom and click on the link.


See for yourself how well our products perform by viewing the before and after burn photos for each product on our website.

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We Solve Challenges

At iPASSIVE we’re big on results and so testing is a vital part of our business. So you can rest assured that each and everyone of our products has been thoroughly tested.