Ipassive Presents to Buchan Architects

Ipassive believes in empowering Architectural Firms with further knowledge in the Passive Fire Industry.

Our Director and Technical Manager were invited to present and educate Buchan Architects in the Ipassive range of Passive Fire protection Systems we offer.

We discussed our tested systems and products with some Architects and Project Managers that we manufacture locally and internationally.

We described in details how each penetration situation for fire protecting the structural integrity of a buildings can be different and that there is a solution for making sure all building are passive safety protected correctly.

Passive fire systems are extremely important to be aware of especially as there is such a big push towards fire rated building from the Auckland Council.

The team at Buchan were very grateful for the in-depth knowledge and training they received. They walked away for the presentation with a deeper understanding of what Ipassive ‘s range of products and solutions are we offers the industry.

They especially liked interacting with the actual products , this was great so they could see exactly what the products are made up of.. We also took them through the manufacturing process.

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank Buchan Architects for affording iPASSIVE this platform, and it was a great pleasure to part further passive fire knowledge to all.

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