iPASSIVE is committed to providing safe, eco-friendly passive fire protection solutions
iPASSIVE is committed to providing safe, eco-friendly passive fire protection solutions

Health & Environmental Commitment

While naturally, our number one priority is to invest in technology that safeguards human life, second to that is our committed to safeguarding our environment, for which all life depends.

On this page you’ll find information about our commitment to eco-friendly, safe products and installation.  You can also read about the environmental safeguards relating to each of our products. 

iPASSIVE commits to:

Eco-friendly Work Practices

  • Continually improve its environmental performance
  • Strive to adopt the highest available environmental standards 
  • Wherever possible use renewable or recyclable materials and components
  • Assist customers to use iPASSIVE products in an environmentally responsible manner

Safe Work Practices 

  • Assist customers to use iPASSIVE products in the safest way possible, providing support and training to ensure correct installation and use
  • Liaise regularly with industry to ensure our solutions are as safe as possible
  • Make health and safety our number one priority when developing passive fire protection solutions

Product Specific Safeguards

You can read about how we strive to achieve environmental safeguards with each of the product categories below.

iPASSIVE sealants uses technology and chemistry to achieve the lowest emission and VOC achievable within the sealants sector, falling well within the requirements of GEV. The results comply with EMICODE emission class EC1PLUS which is the best environmental and indoor hygiene health protection standard achievable.

iPASSIVE putty pads and cords are solvent free, halogen free and have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). No special tools are required for application, it is unaffected by moisture and is compatible with most building materials.

iPASSIVE coatings are non-toxic and emission free with near zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and the best possible emission classification. This is perfect for anyone not wanting to breathe toxic chemicals and especially people suffering from asthma, allergies or any other breathing related issues.