Maximise your building's integrity with high performance products manufactured in an ISO certified factory

FR Wrap

PASSIVE FR Wrap is designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire separating walls and floors when these are breached by plastic pipes, conduits or metal pipes with continuous combustible insulation, and may be used in drywalls, masonry or concrete walls and concrete floors.

Product Description

Each pipe wrap consists of a graphite based reactive intumescent strip, which reacts to heat and closes the opening left by the softening plastic pipe or pipe insulation in a fire. The pipe wrap is installed completely around the pipes or insulation and is available with or without an adhesive strip. The annular space around the pipe wrap is sealed with iPASSIVE EX Mortar or iPASSIVE FR Board.


  • For plastic pipe sizes from smallest pipes available to Ø400 mm with a wide range of pipe wall thicknesses
  • For metal pipes with continuous combustible pipe insulation
  • Certified for PVC-U, PVC-C, PE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, ABS,
    SAN+PVC and PP pipes
  • For plastic pipes with cables (conduits)
  • Up to 240 minutes for both integrity and insulation
  • Tested and certified for U/U pipe end applications
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • No emissions – environmentally and user friendly
  • Simple to install in both iPASSIVE FR Board and iPASSIVE EX Mortar
  • Unlimited storage time (under correct conditions)
  • 30 years working life guarantee