Maximise your building's integrity with high performance products manufactured in an ISO certified factory


iPASSIVE FR IPT is a high performance, one part ready to use sealant and adhesive and is designed for sealing joints, voids, irregular holes in walls, partitions and other structures, providing an airtight and watertight seal.

Product Description

iPASSIVE FR IPT is based on an innovative new Inert Polymer Technology that is suitable for a wide variety of building trade applications including decorating, flooring, joinery, plumbing and tiling. iPASSIVE FR IPT is a non reactive environmentally friendly one-stop solution for all internal building applications and out performs conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic based products as a sealant and adhesive. iPASSIVE FR IPT is the only sealant free from dangerous emissions.


iPASSIVE FR IPT is permanently flexible and is paintable with both alkyd resin and water-based paints. iPASSIVE FR IPT is an excellent adhesive for general construction fixing and bonding with very good initial grab quickly developing a high bond strength.

Rated Type X for use in conditions exposed to weathering, iPASSIVE FR IPT provides primerless sealing and bonding for a wide range of substrates including:

  • Brick, concrete, stone, slate, ceramic, marble, granite
  • Timber, plywood, block board, chipboard, fibreboard
  • Metals, aluminium, steel, lead, copper and alloys
  • Plasterboard and plaster, insulating board
  • uPVC plastic trims and polycarbonate
  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Painted surfaces

Suitable applications include:

  • Air and sound sealing
  • Fire resistant sealing
  • Sealing where air quality for health is important
  • Sealing around doors and windows
  • Sanitary applications including showers
  • Sealing of gaps around fitted furniture and worktops
  • Sealing around flooring
  • Radon resistant sealing
  • Decorating caulking and sealing