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EX Mortar

iPASSIVE EX Mortar is a dry white powder consisting of inorganic compounds and perlite designed to stop the spread of smoke and fire along services that pass through walls and floors and will provide an unsupported load bearing capacity. When mixed with water, the compounds form a highly thermally insulating fire sealing compound while also maintaining the acoustic design performance in walls and floors.

Product Description

iPASSIVE EX Mortar expands approximately 1% by hydraulic action during curing ensuring a very tight seal around the service penetrations and the surrounding opening apertures. The compound dries to an off-white colour which may be painted and is easy to sand or drill.

This mortar is particularly designed for good adhesion in order that fire sealing may easily be built in walls and under floors. It has also been tested for all types of through-penetrations in all types of constructions and may be combined with iPASSIVE Cable Transit, Collar and Pipe Wrap. It may also be cast in floors with post tensioned steel in order to construct a load bearing construction (the reinforcement must be rust proofed).


  •  Up to 4hrs FRR (derived when the seal has been left to cure for 1 month)
  • Suitable for cables, bundled cables, cable racks, cable trays, steel, copper, alupex, plastic pipes and air ventilation ducts
  • Classified in walls and floors of concrete, brick, gypsum
  • Simple to apply leaving a very smooth finish
  • High degree of mechanical resistance; the seal is load bearing without reinforcement
  • No priming necessary prior to application in most building material substrates however metal services in contact with the seal must be corrosion protected
  • Suitable for most surfaces, included concrete, bricks, Leca, steel, plastic etc, but not suitable to fitting of doors or inservice openings that involve movement
  • Fully set within 1 hour
  • Nearly unlimited storage time